I love the power of static camera and long shots in cinema and I experimented a lot with that little form (watch also 1 Minute Berlin, Harzer Straße, FilmKritikFilm, Minutes In Russia and Sicily).

So in 2009 I started together with Thomas Friedrich the online art project The Pictures Don’t Move to share movies without editing and camera movement. Everyone is invited to our Vimeo group to add films that fit these simple rules:

1. No camera movement (zoom, pan, …)
2. No editing (cut, time manipulation, …)
3. No performance (acting, dancing, …)
4. Original sound (no music, …)
5. At least 30sec long!

And it works great. Now we have nearly 600 members, 400 videos and some deep discussions about all this. In the beginning our group was featured by the Vimeo staff as one of the three “groups we like”. One staff member wrote:

Sometimes the best videos are ones where not a lot happens… The Pictures Don’t Move is a fantastic Group that celebrates the pure experience of capturing life on video.

Please join us:

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